Links to Reliable Ministries

1) The ministry of Pastor Billy Crone is an excellent place to learn about the cults, occults, how to defend your faith, and current issues affecting Christians today. 

2) The investigative work of former LAPD homicide detective J. Warner Wallace led him from atheism to an advocate for Jesus Christ. Go to his site and learn how it happened.

3) The work of Biblical archaeologists and godly scientists show faithfulness to the Word in these last days.

4) The Pre-Trib Research Center, Lamb and Lion Ministries, and Prophecy Watchers are dedicated to spreading the good news about the soon return of Jesus Christ.

5) If you want to look at what I've posted online, head over to Sermon Central and enter my name. I don't hold back anything when it comes to the truth of Scripture. You should know that by now.

6) Sharing the Gospel isn't hard. Ray Comfort and the folks at Living Waters will show you the way of the Master. 

7) The Blue Letter Bible is the "Magnum Opus" of Bible study websites. Study to show yourself approved as an unashamed disciple of Jesus Christ (Acts 17:11; 2 Timothy 2:15).

8) Right now, nearly 90% of Israel's citizens have no relationship with their Messiah. One for Israel was created by Messianic believers to share the Good News of "Yeshua" (Jesus) with them (Numbers 6:24-26; Psalm 122:6).


  December 2022  
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