Links to Reliable Ministries

The Blue Letter Bible - the BEST Bible study and research site on the internet today and well worth your time to explore.

Associates for Biblical Research - a site dedicated to the fields of biblical archaeology and apologetics (defense of the Christian faith).

World of the Bible - the work of Dr. Randall Price, Professor of Biblical Archaeology and Near-Eastern Studies at Liberty University. 

Answers in Genesis - a site dedicated to the scientific research, defense, and accuracy of the origins of the universe as described in the Bible.

Cold Case Christianity -the site of former atheist and LAPD Homicide detective J. Warner Wallace, author of "God's Crime Scene", "Cold Case Christianity", "Person of Interest", and "Forensic Faith" 

The Pre-Tribulation Research Center - dedicated to the study of Biblical eschatology (the doctrine of last things) from a pre-tribulation, pre-millennial perspective.   

Get A Life Media -the ministry of Pastor Billy Crone, who preaches on Bible prophecy, salvation in Christ, cults, the occult, and other issues.

Lamb and Lion Ministries - a ministry dedicated to the teaching about the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ, headed by Col. Tim Moore and Dr. Nathan Jones 

Harbingers Daily - honest news and opinion for the remnant church. We need to be equipped more than ever (2 Timothy 1:8; 1 Peter 3:15).

Always Be Ready - numerous articles and resources on how to defend your faith in Christ, the reliability of Scripture, Bible prophecy, and other topics relevant to the soon return of the Lord Jesus.

  June 2023  
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